Pastor Ed and Louise LaufferPastor Edward and Louise Lauffer have a passion for helping people make God-centered decisions, develop healthy relationships and walk to freedom in Christ through Spirit-driven, face-to-face and small group encounters. They provide leadership for the Pastoral Care Ministries at Celebration.

Pastor Ed and Louise are former missionaries to Indonesia and settled in Central Pennsylvania in 1994. Ed is a former USAF pilot, Aerospace Engineer, Project Manager and graduate from Pepperdine University's School of Religion (MA). He was eventually called to minister to college students and young singles in Central Pennsylvania. Ed founded a non-profit corporation dedicated to college ministry that was relationship-oriented, focusing on small group meetings, mentoring sessions and various points of group fellowship. He is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and seeks to establish an environment where the Holy Spirit, as the "Counselor", may change lives and bring people to greater freedom in Jesus.

Louise currently works for Bank of American Merchant Services as an Associate Vice-President, where she manages major petroleum industry projects. She has a Bachelor's degree in Project Management, a certification on New Product Development and has recently established her own company highlighting her newfound joy of jewelry making. Louise enjoys photography, bird watching, growing herbs, hosting events in the home and is a strong advocate for small group meetings. Ed also enjoys photography and has a passion for riding motorcycles, which he has been doing for over fifty years. He has a deep passion for music and has participated in several music venues in the past.